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On June 8th, 2013 the Genesee County Libertarian Party was officially formed. We are a chapter of the New York Libertarian Party and represent all libertarians in Genesee County, NY. 

On January 21, 2013 a vote to secede from the Greater Rochester Libertarian Party passed. 
Those elected: Chairperson (Phil Ricci), Vice Chairperson (Dave Olsen), Secretary (Jim Rosenbeck), and Treasurer (Chelsea O'Brien).

During the foundation meeting, five visions of libertarians were laid out:
1) People are inherently good
2) People have the right to make choices for themselves
3) Socially liberal, fiscally conservative are main values
4) Everything starts at a local level
5) Freedom and choice

In 2018, The Libertarian Party achieved automatic ballot access in New York State due to our NY Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe receiveing more than 50,000 votes. This changes a few things for Genesee County. Mainly, the Genesee County Committee will now made up of all those Genesee County residents registered with the Board of Elections as Libertarian. We will also be electing a new Executive Committee at our convention / organization meeting on June 4, 2019.