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Looking For A Few Good People

posted Feb 6, 2015, 3:00 PM by Genesee County Libertarian Party

An Open Letter to all Genesee County Residents:

Friends and Neighbors;

Every Genesee County Legislature seat is up for election this year, along with the ward seats in the City of Batavia and many town boards and supervisors. Do you feel your interests are being represented by your specific representatives either in your municipality or at the county level? If you think you or someone you know would do a better job, the Genesee County Libertarian Party would love to hear from you. We are a grassroots organization of friendly folks. There are very little politics involved in being endorsed by us. Our endorsement may not bring very much funding to a campaign, but we do bring enthusiasm and the commitment of our members to help collect petition signatures and campaign with you.

From The GCLP bylaws: “The GCLP holds that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, agree to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.” We ask only that any candidate seeking our endorsement agree with this statement and be committed to transparency, limiting government and fiscal responsibility.

If you agree and want to serve your community, please contact me at this private e-mail address used only by me for this purpose: 

The GCLP will never just find folks to fill a ballot slot; we will only put our efforts into those candidates who are driven to make a difference.

Learn more by visiting our website and our

Facebook page

Our meetings are announced on the webpage and the Facebook page, all are welcome to our meetings.

We can make a difference, but good people need to step up.




David A. Olsen, Chairperson

Lisa Whitehead Nominated to Run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large

posted Jul 16, 2013, 7:24 AM by Genesee County Libertarian Party   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 11:05 AM ]

Lisa Whitehead was nominated and endorsed to run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large at the Inaugural Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention on June 8, 2013.  Lisa is one of two of the first ever Libertarian Party candidates to seek local office in Genesee County.  The following is Lisa's acceptance speech as delivered at the convention:

Hello my name is Lisa and I’m a Libertarian.

My name is Lisa Whitehead and I would like to thank the newly formed Genesee County Libertarian Party for considering me as a candidate for city council at large.  I would be honored to represent the party and honored to be one of GCLP’s inaugural candidates.

Many of you do not know me, so let me give you some background.  I have lived in Batavia for 15 years.  I am a mother of one daughter and step-mother to two sons, all who grew up in Batavia.  I work locally, at John Kennedy School as a teacher’s aide.  I have been a union building representative for six years and am now the local NYSUT Batavia Clerical Association treasurer.  

In 1986, I graduated from Buff State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a minor in American history.  Unfortunately, neither of these degrees prepares you for the reality of politics.  The little taste of politics that I am getting as I prepare for my campaign, shows me that I may not have many answers.

Although, I may not have the answers, I will listen to you and let your ideas and my libertarian philosophies be the foundation for my decisions while in office.  I believe that “listening” to people is one of the key components being overlooked by other political parties.  It makes them weaker, because their decisions lack the conviction they would have gained had they listened to their constituency.  It’s hard to go wrong in a representative government when you focus on the will of the people that you represent.

In fact, I have been listening for a while, and one of the biggest complaints I have heard is regarding taxes.  I believe that we are being over taxed by all levels of government.  Taxes are of paramount concern.  Recent levies on businesses in our community make this a business-hostile environment.  We should be creating an environment that nurtures small business, not crushes it.  Taxes need to be lowered and restrictions need to be removed so that business can thrive.

Also, recent changes in property assessments have placed huge and unnecessary tax burdens on the people of our community.  It’s interesting how the 100% assessment of property values works.  We must find ways to reduce taxes for everyone.  Shouldn’t all persons be entitled to keep the fruits of their labor?

One last thing before I yield the podium, I believe that we need to take a hard look at everything we do in government to determine what the unintended consequences are.  We need to be different than our democratic and republican counterparts who are only looking for ”What’s in it for them?”  Before we approve or pass new rules and regulations, we need answers to questions like: 

• What do we hope to gain by passing the new rule or regulation?

• Do we really need this?

• Can we afford this?

• Are there other ways to achieve the same goal that would be less costly, less intrusive?

And we need to keep this process open to the people we represent.  We need to listen to them and determine our responses accordingly.  It’s time for the government to be returned to the people!

Thank you for listening to me.  My name is Lisa and I am a Libertarian.

Jim Rosenbeck Nominated to Run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large

posted Jul 16, 2013, 7:20 AM by Genesee County Libertarian Party   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 11:07 AM ]

Jim Rosenbeck was nominated and endorsed to run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large at the Inaugural Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention on June 8, 2013.  Jim is one of two of the first ever Libertarian Party candidates to seek local office in Genesee County.  The following is Jim's acceptance speech as delivered at the convention:

Thank you for the opportunity to address the first annual Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention!

It is a privilege to speak and a privilege to be nominated as a libertarian candidate in Genesee County!

The GCLP IS the most exciting, most energized and most dynamic political movement happening in our county.  We are engaged.  We are alive and we are vital!

Tell me, who else is speaking out to defend our personal liberties and promote fiscal responsibility?  I don't hear that message coming from the leaders of either the democratic or republican parties.  I don't hear those people taking public positions on the issues.  There is a certain complacency that occurs when the two parties have for so long been the only show in town.  WE are here to change that.

You will remember, we spoke out to remove the city of Batavia from the garbage tote and trash collection business and we did just that.  Guess what?  The sky didn't fall.  Somehow everyone's garbage got picked up this week.  Freedom and choice is a good thing, my friends!  

We spoke out against the misguided tax abatement policies of the Genesee County Economic Development Corporation and overwhelming people agreed.

We spoke out against the city's suggestion that we license landlords.  We spoke out against the city's proposal that we fine landlords when their tenants misbehave.  Our message once again made sense to people.

We must  remember, we are one of the voices of reason.

As elections approach in the fall, political insiders will attempt to frame us as a fringe movement.  They will try to marginalize us and dismiss our message.  They will patronize us and treat us as if we are just petulant little children.

They won't take us seriously because for way too long it has been all about the duopoly.  It has been all about two parties defining the message and providing the candidates.  But remember we are the voice of reason.  Our message resonates in our neighborhoods.  We are here, we are engaged and we are on point.  It is time to reject the status quo.

It is time because the status quo simply hasn't been good enough.  The status quo doesn't move us forward.  We bring a new energy and commitment to improving our community.

Unfortunately good, well meaning Democrats and Republicans have been worn down.  They have been worn down by the misguided policies of the state government, a state government that is hopelessly dysfunctional.  But we need to start locally.  We need to build a strong base, one community and one county at a time.

We can begin by committing our time and energy toward electing two Libertarians to city council this fall.  We can begin by tempering our criticism of local Democrats and Republicans.  They are our neighbors, our friends.  They share our values.  We need to sell the libertarian message, not the angst.  Let's bring a message of hope not a message of despair.

Let's sell the message, not the angst.

I want to finish up by talking about my core values, the values I bring to this party and this community.  Let's start with dignity and respect: if you know me, you know that these two values are the cornerstone of how I try to live my life.  I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that will be how I conduct myself as a candidate and as city councilman.

Next, trust and transparency: rhetoric and campaign promises aren't going to earn people's trust.  I will need to earn the right to be trusted by people in this community.  To that end, I am committed to developing that trust by running a totally transparent campaign.

My promise to all of you is that there will be no hidden agendas.  What you see is what you will get.  I will promise you nothing that I cannot deliver.  What I will promise you is that I will work hard as a city councilman to justify the faith that you have put in me.

Finally, I want to leave all of us (myself included) with a challenge.  Let's try to live the libertarian philosophy.  If we really believe that all charitable giving should be voluntary, if we really believe that we shouldn't be coerced through taxes into helping the less fortunate, then let's be role models by volunteering in our community.  Let's demonstrate that people will give back without being coerced.  As Ghandi said, let's "be the change we want to see in the world".

Thank you.

Message from Mark Axinn, LPNY Chair

posted Jul 1, 2013, 2:44 PM by Genesee County Libertarian Party   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 8:15 AM ]

Greetings all:

First of all, this will confirm that there won't be a state committee meeting this month; our next meeting will be held by teleconference on Sunday, August 4 at 8:00 pm.

We try to keep current with any changes in county officers and state comm. reps., but in case your chapter recently changed its personnel, please email the Secretary Blay Tarnoff, webmaster Chris Edes or me so we can update your chapter's info.

Also, I try to post updates on all local chapter listserves, but currently cannot on Rochester and Richmond; if you're from those chapters, please email me offlist so I can include those.  

Here's a few news items:

Most importantly, I  am delighted to announce that we have local candidates running in many races from Brookhaven to Batavia. If you need a template for the petition form or have any questions, please email me directly offlist. Petitioning starts on Tuesday July 9 and runs until August 20. Any registered voter in New York State can witness a petition, but only registered voters in the particular jurisdiction for which the person is running (city, county, town, etc.) can sign.

Secondly, please welcome our newest chapter, the Genesee County Libertarian Party based in Batavia (midway between Buffalo and Rochester). They had over 60 people at their inaugural convention a few weeks ago, and already have two Libertarian candidates running for local office this year!

Finally, there's some important news from National: Effective August 1, Carla Howell will step down as Executive Director of the LP and will become Political Director. Her immediate predecessor, Wes Benedict will take over as ED. I am pleased to have a good working relationship with both of them, and will continue to promote New York's interests at the National level as appropriate.

All the best for a Happy Independence Day. Please read the Declaration aloud as we do in my home every year.

Thanks for everything each of you is doing to fight the statist machine.


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