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Jim Rosenbeck Nominated to Run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large

posted Jul 16, 2013, 7:20 AM by Genesee County Libertarian Party   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 11:07 AM ]

Jim Rosenbeck was nominated and endorsed to run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large at the Inaugural Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention on June 8, 2013.  Jim is one of two of the first ever Libertarian Party candidates to seek local office in Genesee County.  The following is Jim's acceptance speech as delivered at the convention:

Thank you for the opportunity to address the first annual Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention!

It is a privilege to speak and a privilege to be nominated as a libertarian candidate in Genesee County!

The GCLP IS the most exciting, most energized and most dynamic political movement happening in our county.  We are engaged.  We are alive and we are vital!

Tell me, who else is speaking out to defend our personal liberties and promote fiscal responsibility?  I don't hear that message coming from the leaders of either the democratic or republican parties.  I don't hear those people taking public positions on the issues.  There is a certain complacency that occurs when the two parties have for so long been the only show in town.  WE are here to change that.

You will remember, we spoke out to remove the city of Batavia from the garbage tote and trash collection business and we did just that.  Guess what?  The sky didn't fall.  Somehow everyone's garbage got picked up this week.  Freedom and choice is a good thing, my friends!  

We spoke out against the misguided tax abatement policies of the Genesee County Economic Development Corporation and overwhelming people agreed.

We spoke out against the city's suggestion that we license landlords.  We spoke out against the city's proposal that we fine landlords when their tenants misbehave.  Our message once again made sense to people.

We must  remember, we are one of the voices of reason.

As elections approach in the fall, political insiders will attempt to frame us as a fringe movement.  They will try to marginalize us and dismiss our message.  They will patronize us and treat us as if we are just petulant little children.

They won't take us seriously because for way too long it has been all about the duopoly.  It has been all about two parties defining the message and providing the candidates.  But remember we are the voice of reason.  Our message resonates in our neighborhoods.  We are here, we are engaged and we are on point.  It is time to reject the status quo.

It is time because the status quo simply hasn't been good enough.  The status quo doesn't move us forward.  We bring a new energy and commitment to improving our community.

Unfortunately good, well meaning Democrats and Republicans have been worn down.  They have been worn down by the misguided policies of the state government, a state government that is hopelessly dysfunctional.  But we need to start locally.  We need to build a strong base, one community and one county at a time.

We can begin by committing our time and energy toward electing two Libertarians to city council this fall.  We can begin by tempering our criticism of local Democrats and Republicans.  They are our neighbors, our friends.  They share our values.  We need to sell the libertarian message, not the angst.  Let's bring a message of hope not a message of despair.

Let's sell the message, not the angst.

I want to finish up by talking about my core values, the values I bring to this party and this community.  Let's start with dignity and respect: if you know me, you know that these two values are the cornerstone of how I try to live my life.  I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that will be how I conduct myself as a candidate and as city councilman.

Next, trust and transparency: rhetoric and campaign promises aren't going to earn people's trust.  I will need to earn the right to be trusted by people in this community.  To that end, I am committed to developing that trust by running a totally transparent campaign.

My promise to all of you is that there will be no hidden agendas.  What you see is what you will get.  I will promise you nothing that I cannot deliver.  What I will promise you is that I will work hard as a city councilman to justify the faith that you have put in me.

Finally, I want to leave all of us (myself included) with a challenge.  Let's try to live the libertarian philosophy.  If we really believe that all charitable giving should be voluntary, if we really believe that we shouldn't be coerced through taxes into helping the less fortunate, then let's be role models by volunteering in our community.  Let's demonstrate that people will give back without being coerced.  As Ghandi said, let's "be the change we want to see in the world".

Thank you.