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Lisa Whitehead Nominated to Run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large

posted Jul 16, 2013, 7:24 AM by Genesee County Libertarian Party   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 11:05 AM ]
Lisa Whitehead was nominated and endorsed to run for City of Batavia Councilman at Large at the Inaugural Genesee County Libertarian Party Convention on June 8, 2013.  Lisa is one of two of the first ever Libertarian Party candidates to seek local office in Genesee County.  The following is Lisa's acceptance speech as delivered at the convention:

Hello my name is Lisa and I’m a Libertarian.

My name is Lisa Whitehead and I would like to thank the newly formed Genesee County Libertarian Party for considering me as a candidate for city council at large.  I would be honored to represent the party and honored to be one of GCLP’s inaugural candidates.

Many of you do not know me, so let me give you some background.  I have lived in Batavia for 15 years.  I am a mother of one daughter and step-mother to two sons, all who grew up in Batavia.  I work locally, at John Kennedy School as a teacher’s aide.  I have been a union building representative for six years and am now the local NYSUT Batavia Clerical Association treasurer.  

In 1986, I graduated from Buff State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a minor in American history.  Unfortunately, neither of these degrees prepares you for the reality of politics.  The little taste of politics that I am getting as I prepare for my campaign, shows me that I may not have many answers.

Although, I may not have the answers, I will listen to you and let your ideas and my libertarian philosophies be the foundation for my decisions while in office.  I believe that “listening” to people is one of the key components being overlooked by other political parties.  It makes them weaker, because their decisions lack the conviction they would have gained had they listened to their constituency.  It’s hard to go wrong in a representative government when you focus on the will of the people that you represent.

In fact, I have been listening for a while, and one of the biggest complaints I have heard is regarding taxes.  I believe that we are being over taxed by all levels of government.  Taxes are of paramount concern.  Recent levies on businesses in our community make this a business-hostile environment.  We should be creating an environment that nurtures small business, not crushes it.  Taxes need to be lowered and restrictions need to be removed so that business can thrive.

Also, recent changes in property assessments have placed huge and unnecessary tax burdens on the people of our community.  It’s interesting how the 100% assessment of property values works.  We must find ways to reduce taxes for everyone.  Shouldn’t all persons be entitled to keep the fruits of their labor?

One last thing before I yield the podium, I believe that we need to take a hard look at everything we do in government to determine what the unintended consequences are.  We need to be different than our democratic and republican counterparts who are only looking for ”What’s in it for them?”  Before we approve or pass new rules and regulations, we need answers to questions like: 

• What do we hope to gain by passing the new rule or regulation?

• Do we really need this?

• Can we afford this?

• Are there other ways to achieve the same goal that would be less costly, less intrusive?

And we need to keep this process open to the people we represent.  We need to listen to them and determine our responses accordingly.  It’s time for the government to be returned to the people!

Thank you for listening to me.  My name is Lisa and I am a Libertarian.