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We plan on making waves, it's the only way to change the status quo, and the media is paying attention. Here is some of the featured coverage.
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Title (Media Link)Media SourceDate The Batavian February 5, 2015 
Robert Brown and the other Genesee County Legislator District 8 Candidates Speak The Daily News Online 10/25/2013 
Letter to the Editor: An Independent Choice for Batavia City Council The Daily News Online 10/15/2013 
Genesee County Libertarians Raise Money for The Salvation Army The Batavian 10/10/2013 
GCLP Press Release on Government Use of Eminent Domain to Seize Local Property The Batavian 09/14/2013 
Candidates Rosenbeck & Whitehead File First Ever Libertarian Party Petitions in Genesee County The Batavian 08/15/2013 
Mark Glogowski Interviews Batavia City Council Candidate Jim Rosenbeck Freedom Roc's 08/14/2013 
Letter to the Editor: A Bicycle Path - But at What Cost? The Daily News Online 07/29/2013 
A Point of View: A Leader - In Unmet Promises The Daily News Online 07/27/2013 
Editorial: More Choice for Voters The Daily News Online 06/13/2013 
Genesee Libertarians take historic steps The Daily News Online 06/10/2013 
Libertarians say their message resonates locally, ready to compete in City Council race The Batavian 06/08/2013 
Genesee Libertarians plan first convention The Daily News Online 05/29/2013 
Genesee County Libertarian Committee holds first meet-and-greet fundraiser The Batavian 04/15/2013 
Photo: More than 20 people show up for meeting to form Libertarian Party in Genesee County The Batavian 01/21/2013 
Phil Ricci pushing effort to organize Libertarian Party in Genesee County The Batavian 01/08/2013 
Showing 16 items